Recession, Foreclosure, and an Inability to Sew

Brute Force Sandbags began in February 2010 by Keith Burns and R.B. With a house in foreclosure, one of them jobless and the other in school, the two set out to make their own sandbag training equipment for the garage. The sandbags got the job done, except they were not the ideal sizes for training, and always made a huge mess on the floor.

Little by little the first line of Brute Force Sandbags began to gain interest, and they had already rivaled what was on the market. Some few months later, Keith’s sewing help scored a full-time job right at the time the demand for the high-quality Brute Force Sandbags grew. This was a new problem- who was going to sew? Keith picked up the reigns and forced himself to learn. This led to a direct hand in the improvements of the sandbags, and a collection of 4 industrial sewing machines.

The take-no-prisoners attitude assisted in keeping the company alive and the house out of the hands of the bank. Keith can now out-sew the most seasoned grandma, although the sandbags are now made in a factory in Denver, Colorado.