“Do you offer discounts?”

•YES!  There is currently 10% off when you purchase both the Athlete Kit and Strongman Kit.   Here is the link:


•Please email for pricing on orders of 8 or more kits


“Why shouldn’t I just make my own sandbag?”

•Homemade bags fall apart too easily

•Handles add versatility

•Brute Force Sandbag dimensions have been perfected for lifting


“What’s the deal with the filler bags and how do they work?”

•Fillers are filled with sand through a double-velcro opening

•Fillers are then placed inside sandbag shell

•Sand can be added or removed to vary the weight


“I can lift much more using free-weights, will this be too easy for me?”

•Sandbag training is much more difficult than free-weight training due to shifting loads

•Muscles not used in free-weight training will be activated


“Can the sandbags be washed?”

•Sandbags can be washed by hand or machine using cold water

•Let air dry

“What is Cordura, and is it really a military-grade fabric?”

•Cordura is an extremely durable nylon fabric that is abrasion and wear resistant

•Cordura has been used by the military for over 45 years in applications such as assault packs,  accessory pouches, helmet covers, body armor tactical vests, and much more where strength and reliability are essential


“Did Brute Force invent sandbag training?”

•Sandbag training was not invented by anyone in modern day time.  It has been documented in early Strongman history as well as photographed by the US Navy circa 1940’s.

•There are companies that like to believe that sandbag training was invented by them, but this is pure nonsense as proven by the photograph below


“What is the shipping to my state/nation?”

•Simply add items to the cart on the store page, enter in your shipping info exactly, and you will get an accurate, real-time shipping quote.


Q:    “How are the sandbags shipped?”

•Sandbag are shipped without sand via FedEx in the US

•Each package is insured

•International orders are shipped via USPS.

•Shipping rates from both couriers are real-time rates.

•Sandbags do not ship with sand.  Sand can be obtained from a hardware store for around $3/50lbs.


“What’s the deal with the filler bags and how do they work?”




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