“Lucky to have a Brute Force Sandbag”

-George Corbo, ManimalWear.com





“I picked up a Brute Force sandbag about a week ago and it is awesome!  The handles are perfectly placed for a huge variety of lifts.  The best feature of the bag is the inserts, you can warm-up with one or two inserts then add the third for some heavy work, then drop in one or two inserts for some sustained effort work.  Plus you can use the same bag for beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes.  On top of it all, the bag is bombproof, and the design is sweet.  I highly recommend Brute Force sandbags.”

-Rob Converse, Underground Strength Coach
Owner, Bear Strength, LLC.

“The quality is unbelievableI got a chance to show a few of the guys at work and they loved it. We were doing some stair drills and sprinting with it. It was killer. I actually take my inserts and load them in my ruck and ruck with them. Being in the military we have to and the sleeves make it so much easier to load and unload. Good stuff.”

-Anthony Morales US Army

“I have used many sandbags in various gyms, this is the best made bag I have ever seen”

eBay user- Mr_Dread

“The staff at Brute Force are knowledgable and exceedingly helpful.  The Brute Force Sandbag is by and large the single greatest piece of exercise gear I’ve ever trained with, and I’ve used them all.”
-LT, USN, Virginia Beach, VA

“So impressed with quality with the 1st sandbag, that I bought a 2nd!  Super-reinforced, looking forward to more than a few years with these.  I really like the multiples gripping handles, for seasoned and especially new clients.”

John in Colorado

“Hi Keith,

Today I finally got my sandbag through the post, after it spent a bit of time at customs and then a nice weekend sitting in a depot in Oxford.


I’ve not filled it as much as I had planned, but I am feeling the burn after an intense session with it earlier this evening!

As soon as the weather picks up here, I shall be snapping some shots of me abusing myself with it and get them sent over to you!

From what I have seen so far, I am very impressed with the quality of the bag and the assortment of handles it has! 10 out of 10 dude!! GOOD JOB!



British Army prep training, United Kingdom

“Your sandbag you sold me was the best money I have spent on a piece of workout equipment ever. Also throw in one of your new logo patches so I
can put it on my bag!  Thanks again.”

Chris Celia- Brute Force Sandbags’ first ever customer!

I picked up some play sand as you suggested and loaded 2 bags with 35 lbs. of sand each.  We had a rainy weekend and so I gave it a go indoors.  All I can say is WOW!!!
I took it very light because the 70 lbs. seemed more like 100 lbs.  The shifting of the sand makes for a really intense workout.  I love the way it feels and I am a little sore.
It might take some time before load the 3rd bag.

I wish I had made this purchase months ago.



I wanted to write and say how completely impressed I am with this sandbag I got from you.  I’ve been telling people about this bag on facebook, on the phone, at work, after hours, it’s awesome.  It sells itself too, everyone asks what kind of a bag it is, where I got it, can they try it, everyone is interested.  These bags are sick.  And the “try to rip me patch” was attempted by a whole platoon of infantrymen, and no one ripped it.  I hope to send you a bunch of people lookin for sandbags.  Thanks for a great product man.  I’ll be in touch.

Matt, Fort Drum

“Check it out people, if you want the kind of physical torture that your body deserves from a small easy to store, extremely versitile package go and get yourself a brute force sand bag, you’ll break a kettle bell before you’ll destroy this thing, and it weighs as much as you want and you can change the weight quickly for pyramiding.”

Harrson Pfeiffer, Instructor, Tallahassee Mixed Martial Arts