Because… you are about to learn about the ultimate fitness tool and why sandbag training is the missing piece in your workouts.

Sandbag Training is being rediscovered by athletes, fighters, strength coaches, members of the armed forces, tactical ops teams, and  fitness and enthusiasts all over the world.

You may be asking yourself right now “then why are there so few people doing it”? The simple answer is, “Because its freaking H.A.R.D.”! If becoming one of the baddest SOBs on the planet was easy there would be four of them on your block. But, reality is, the net and TV is about as close to any of them as most people ever get.

There are a lot of training tools out there touting themselves as the “best” training tool, but the fact of the matter is….there is only one tool you will find in every world class training facility and piece of equipment is a sandbag. Underground Gyms, MMA/Combat Training Centers, S.W.A.T. Training Facilities, NFL Football Teams, Military Bases, Navy Seals, Strongman Gyms….. All the kind of gyms that only take people serious about work and getting results, you will find sandbags there.

 “So Why Is Sandbag Training The Way To Go”?

  •  You can do just about any thing with a Sandbag that you can with with traditional weights, saving you money and making workouts more fun (if you love being exhausted that is).
  • Sandbags give you real world strength because the weight is unstable and shifts constantly (like an opponent in a fight).
  • Sand is cheap!!!! (50lbs bag of sand @ Home Depot = $5, a 50lb steel dumbbell = about $65-$75).
  • You can take it anywhere and fill it when you get there (this makes if a great tool for soldiers and people who travel a lot).

“Why Should I Use Brute Force Sandbags”?

Brute Force Sandbags are:

  • Made Denver, CO., Brute Force Sandbags are built tough for your training needs and with the idea that they will last you a very long time.  We don’t want you calling a few months later because your sandbag broke from normal training.  If you buy another sandbag from us, I want it to be because you want a different size, or because your buddy ran away with yours. That’s why we back our bags with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and a full 365 day limited warranty.
  • Brute Force Sandbags have 8, soft, low profile handles to make sure your bag is versatile for all your training needs and comfortable to use.
  • You won’t find snaps or bulky plastic handles on our bags that will dig into your skin.
  • Our Sandbags are made with Military Grade 1000D Cordura. When a product has to be strong, reliable and moisture resistant, Cordura is the material of choice.  We make every sandbag and insert with Cordura to ensure your sandbag will withstand the constant abuse of training while still looking new.
  • Our Bags come with Mil-Spec Velcro on the fillers. This means the sand and dust inside the inserts, and off of you.
  • We stitch our bags with X-Box tacked stress points. This makes the points stronger than if they were affixed with a bar-tacker.  We go all out to re-enforce your sandbag- it’s built to be virtually indestructible.
  • Brute Force Sandbags use a YKK Mil-Spec zipper which is the strongest zipper available, ANYWHERE.
  • 100% Original Design. We went all out, and fixed what they other guy did wrong, to make sure you will get the toughest and most versatile bag available.
  • The most color options. If you are one of those guys who only buys blue t-shirts, this doesn’t matter to you, but we know that you want choices, so we give them to you.
  • The BEST warranty in the business. A full 365 days– we’ll even assist you after that.