Sandbag/Lifting/Training Session July 10

Warm-up- RX Jump Ropes

Brute Force Sandbag Ruck on Treadmill-  50 lbs for 21 minutes/3.5 mph

Single arm Dead-lifts –  3 sets, 10, 8, 6, each arm @ 135 lbs

Lat Pull Down-  3 sets of 10 desired weight

Double Walking Lunge with 50 lb sandbag-  3 sets :  Walk into lunge, return to top position, and lunge again same leg before moving to next

Straight leg Dead-lift-  3 sets @ 135 lbs

Farmers Carry with Kettlebells-  3 sets @ 30 yrds each

Shrugs-   3 sets of 15 @ 55 lbs

Foam Roller


Ankle Strengthening with stretch band.


Core, which was done a few hours later but can be combined:

4 sets of 25 med-ball sit-ups, Alternate 10 roman chair between sets.

30 barbell twists

A couple sets of curls and tricep pull-downs for vanity


Training for World’s Toughest Mudder in December.

This training session was done with an injured hand.  A lifting hook was used for the deadlifts and shrugs.  Feel free to scale, increase or add sets/lifts.  You are welcome to add comments regarding your own personal training methods!



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