Sandbag/Lifting/Training Session July 11

-22 minute ruck with 50 lb Brute Force Sandbag on treadmill at 3.5 mph.  1.22 miles covered

-Farmers carry, handled water bottle filled / 70 lbs pea gravel, and 25 lb plate, 40 yards.  1 arm rows with the weights.  Complete 3 times

-Agility ladder-  choose 5 different movements, go through the ladder 2 times each movement.

-Backrolls into standing position-  3 sets of 10  (Dizzy)

-Med Ball Tri-Planks.  Balance hands or elbows on med balls with both feet on different med ball.  2 sets to failure.  Do pushups if your feeling froggy


-Foam Roller


Training for the World’s Toughest Mudder in December.

This training session was done with an injured hand.  Feel free to scale, increase or add sets/lifts.  You are welcome to add comments regarding your own personal training methods!



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