Sandbag/LIfting/Training Session July 13


-Sit-ups, 4 sets of 25, hands behind head

-Planks with 50lb sandbag on back, 3 sets until failure

-Leg ups- Start in the lying position, feet 6 inches off ground, raise knees to chest, and thrust feet as high as possible in air. Repeat. 3 sets of 20

-Planks on med-ball. Balancing on 3 medballs on elbows, hold position until failure. 3 sets

-45lb barbell twists: 3 sets of 30

Training for World’s Toughest Mudder in December.

This training session was done with an injured hand. A lifting hook was used for the deadlifts and shrugs. Feel free to scale, increase or add sets/lifts. You are welcome to add comments regarding your own personal training methods!


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