Sandbag/LIfting/Training Session July 18

Training has been slow due to a hand with pulled tendons! If you notice a lack of complex sandbag movements, it’s because I can’t physically do them. Please sub in what you see fit! A great resource is !!!

Warm-up: Ruck with Brute Force Sandbag- 10 miuntes with 50 lbs @3.5mph

Sandbag Squats: 3 sets of 12 with 100lb sandbag and 25 lb vest

Lat Pulldown:

10 x 130
8 x 150
5 x 170
6 x 150

1 arm rows:

10 x 60 lbs
10 x 70
10 x80
10 x 90

Sandbag Carries:

140lb sandbag, 25lb vest and 70 lb water jug in left hand:

1 x 20 yds
1 x 50 yds

165 lb sandbag, 25 lb vest, 70 lb water jug
1 x 30 yds
1 x 100 yds-
1 x 30 yds-

A movement I like to call “life-liners” for killer grip: On a cable crossover machine, lower 1 handle to the lowest position. Set the weight, and grip with one hand while sitting down. Move back with your butt and legs in a pulling motion to the end of the cables length. Hold for as long as you can. Go back to starting position, and repeat.

6 x 150 lbs
4 x 170 lbs
1 x 190 lbs

Flat bench press: 50 x 55 lbs
35 x 65 lbs
You can use more weight! My hand will only support this much!

Foam Roller

Training for World’s Toughest Mudder in December.

You are welcome to add comments regarding your own personal training methods! Train hard!


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